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Shooting at Elementary School

An apparent murder-suicide inside an elementary school classroom in San Bernardino.  Details are still sketchy, but the victims are reportedly a man and a woman.  Two students have also been wounded.  The school is North Park and police say the suspect is down and there is no further threat.  Two students were airlifted to a hospital.  The condition of the students is not immediately known.  Police believe the shooting is the result of some kind of domestic dispute between the male shooter and the female teacher.

Suspect In DC Woman’s Death Is Being Investigated In Another Case

New information emerging today about Jose Rodriguez-Cruz.  He’s the suspect arrested over the weekend in the murder of his girlfriend 8 years-ago.  The body of Pamela Butler has never been found.  Now investigators are also looking at Cruz in the disappearance of his ex-wife back in 1989.  The case of Marta Haydee Rodriguez was initially closed in Florida in 2000 when police police thought they located the woman alive.  It turns out that woman was an imposter and Cruz’s ex-wife remains missing.  Cruz was in court today to face first-degree murder charges in the DC death of Pamela Butler.

Gorsuch Sworn In As New Justice

President Donald Trump today praised new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch during a White House swearing-in ceremony, saying Gorsuch will not rule on his personal preferences, but instead based on a fair and objective reading of the law.  Gorsuch, who restores the court’s conservative majority, was sworn in during the ceremony by Justice Anthony Kennedy, for whom he once served as a law clerk.  Gorsuch said he was humbled by his ascendance to the nation’s high court and thanked his former law clerks.  Gorsuch promised to be a faithful servant of the Constitution and laws of this great nation.  Gorsuch will be seated just in time to hear one of the biggest cases of the term:  a religious rights dispute over a Missouri law that bars churches from receiving public funds for general aid programs.

Charleston Church Shooter Enters A Guilty Plea

Convicted Charleston, South Carolina church shooter Dylann Roof has been given nine life sentences for the 2015 massacre at Emmanuel AME Church in exchange for his guilty plea in state court.  The plea entered today by the self-avowed white supremacist marks the end of his court cases and signals his departure for the federal prison system, where he will await execution.  The deal with state prosecutors spared his victims and their families the burden of a second trial.  The 23-year-old Roof was sentenced to death earlier this year on 33 federal crimes.  He was unapologetic during that trial as he listened to survivors and relatives describe the hail of bullets that began when parishioners closed their eyes to pray during a June 2015 Bible study at the historically black church.

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