Report: Processed Meat Linked To Breast Cancer Risk

Contributed by Shawna Mizelle 

New research has revealed a link between consumption of processed meats to breast cancer. Processed meats include bacon, ham, salami, and even meat sauce.

There has been previous research that suggested a link between processed meat and cancer, but no consistent evidence was produced. This led researchers at the International Journal of Cancer to give a further look at 20 cases.

The study showed a 9 percent increase in breast cancer risk for subjects with high consumption rates versus those with little to no consumption.

Research concluded, “Although high amounts of nitrate and nitrite might link processed meat to increased risk of breast cancer, the high content of saturated fat, cholesterol and heme iron found in red meat may also underlie the association with breast cancer.”

Other breast cancer researchers like Professor Trisha Greenhalgh, from the University of Oxford offered their analysis of the study. Greenhalgh says, “It does not mean that nine out of every 100 women who eat large amounts of processed meat will get breast cancer. It means that – if the relationship is causal – approximately one additional woman in 100 will develop breast cancer.This is because 14 women in 100 will get breast cancer however much-processed meat they eat. Nine per cent of ‘14 in 100’ is an additional 1.26 women per 100.”

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