Security Increased At Local H.S. Following Threat, Metro In Need Of $15 Billion Dollars

Security is stepped up at an area school, following online threats…

An Anne Arundel County high school is stepping up its security after reportedly receiving a spate of threats. Officials at Southern High School say they were made aware of the social media threats earlier this week. They add the threats do not appear to be credible, but they told parents last night they aren’t taking any chances. There will be extra police presence on campus today. An investigation is underway.

Metro’s GM says he need $15 Billion Dollars for the transit system…

The man in charge of turning around Metro is proposing some major changes that could make it happen. GM Paul Wiedefeld yesterday released a report offering suggestions on how to, in his words, keep Metro safe, reliable and affordable. His suggestions include a dedicated funding source and putting new employees on a 401k plan instead of a pension. Wiedefeld believes dedicated funding would help raise more than 15-billion dollars needed over the next decade for critical projects.

Hernandez Conviction Could Be Erased After Suicide…

Aaron Hernandez’s murder conviction will likely be erased after his suicide. Under a Massachusetts legal rule called abatement, convictions are erased as if they never happened if a person dies before the appeal process is finished. Hernandez was still appealing his conviction for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd when he was found hanged in his prison cell early yesterday morning. Hernandez was serving life in prison for the crime. Last week, he was acquitted of fatally shooting two men outside a Boston nightclub in 2012.

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