Senate Intel Committee: No Evidence Of Wiretapping, High School Basketball Player Banned For Wearing Hijab

Senate Intel Committee: No Evidence Of Wiretapping

The leaders of Senate Select Committee on Intelligence say they see no evidence of President Trump’s wiretapping allegations. Republican Chairman Richard Burr and Democratic Vice Chairman Mark Warner issued a statement saying “we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance.” Earlier this month, President Trump accused former President Obama of bugging his Trump Tower ahead of last year’s presidential election.

Ryan Optimistic About Healthcare Bill

Speaker Paul Ryan is singing the praises of the House Republican healthcare plan. He told a Capitol briefing that the plan will replace Obamacare with a “patient-centered, market-based system” that works for more Americans. The bill is moving quickly through the House. The Budget Committee gave it a thumbs-up and passed it onto the Rules Committee. The measure is opposed by Democrats and some conservative Republicans. Ryan said President Trump is playing a key role in getting the bill passed.

High School Basketball Player Banned For Wearing Hijab

National high school sports officials are working to clarify a rule after a Maryland basketball player was barred from a championship game for wearing a hijab. The referee for the regional title game told Watkins Mill’s coach that Je’Nan Hayes couldn’t play because her Muslim headscarf violated a national rule against players wearing “head decorations or headwear.” There are exceptions for religious reasons and a National Federation of State High Schools spokesman says the organization is committed to working with Hayes’ school and her family to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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