Senator Franken’s Problems Grow, Home For The Holidays Campaign

Senator Franken’s Problems Grow

Minnesota Senator Al Franken is facing a second accusation of sexual misconduct. Lindsay Menz tells CNN that Democrat Franken grabbed her buttocks during a photo-op at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010. She said it made her feel gross. Menz lived in Minnesota at the time and now resides in Frisco, Texas. Franken has apologized to another woman for an incident in 2006. Radio host Leeann Tweeden said Franken forced an unwanted kiss and groped her while she slept during a USO tour. Franken faces a possible investigation by the Senate Ethics Committee.

ACLU Questions Police Tactics Over Officer’s Murder Investigation

The Baltimore Police Department is facing questions over its lockdown of the neighborhood where Detective Sean Suiter was shot and killed last week. The ACLU says it is troubled by reports that some people entering or leaving Harlem Park had been subject to pat down searches and that non-residents were barred from the area. Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said preservation of the crime scene was necessary and police thanked residents for their patience and understanding. Police lifted the lockdown this morning as the search for a suspect continues.

Capitol Heights Teacher Remains In A Coma After Fire

A DC elementary school teacher remains in a coma after a fire in her Capitol Heights home. The building on Eastern Avenue caught fire on November 12th. Morning was trapped in the basement until firefighters could extract her. The Janney Elementary School teacher suffered critical burns to over 70-percent of her body and remains in a coma in the ICU. Her family has started a “GoFundMe” page that has raised over 15-thousand dollars so far.

Home For The Holidays Campaign

Mayor Bowser is moving hundreds families into permanent housing with a new campaign. She announced the “Home for the Holidays” campaign today as one tenant benefiting from the program signed the lease to her new home. The campaign has matched 72 homeless people with landlords so far. The goal is 400.

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