Six Are Dead Following A School Bus Crash And City Bus In Baltimore…

Six are dead following a school bus crash and city bus in Baltimore…

In Baltimore, six people are dead following a collision between a county school bus and a city bus. Five were killed on the MTA bus and the driver of the school bus was killed. There were no children on the school bus.

A fender bender leads to a violent sexual assault in No. Va….

A fender bender along a highway in Northern Virginia leads to a woman being sexually assaulted. Monday morning the victim says she was rear-ended by a dark colored SUV, when she pulled over he dragged her from her car. She was sexually assaulted for more than 2 hours in a ditch.

DC leaders vote on Death and Dignity bill…

A vote on the controversial Death and Dignity bill is set to take place today. The DC City Council Health and Human Services will weigh in on the measure that would allow Doctors to prescribe medicine to terminally ill patients.

A hearing into the Lynhill condo issue is set…

A Noon time hearing is scheduled today regarding the ongoing
situation at the Lynhill Condominium in Temple Hills. Last night on the Daily Drum Consumer Protection Attorney William Johnson Jr said fixing the problem has a financial bottom line. Maryland Senator Anthony Muse is calling on the State Attorney General to launch an investigation to see if mismanagement or theft cause the massive financial collapse of the condo.

NC NAACP sue of purged voter lists…

The NAACP in North Carolina is suing three counties ahead of the general election. The Civil Rights Group claims thousands of names have been illegally removed from the voting lists. The North Carolina Board of Election says the purge was legal.

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