Concern Over Mold At One Prince George’s Co. School, Today Marks the Assassination of Dr. MLK Jr….

No mold found at District Heights School…

When it comes to keeping kids safe, some parents are giving one school a failing grade. A meeting was held last night in Prince George’s County to discuss concerns about the air quality at District Heights Elementary School. Parents say mold and carbon monoxide are making kids and teacher’s sick. One county school official told parents more testing will be done, but so far results show the air is safe.

Today’s the anniversary of the assassination of MLK Jr ….

Today marks the 49th Anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was shot as he stood on the second-floor balcony of the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. James Earl Ray was later charged with his murder. Tonight a vigil will be held tonight at the King memorial in DC.

Today is Equal Day ….

Today is Equal Pay Day and congressional Democrats will celebrate by re-introducing legislation aimed at strengthening protections for women in the workplace. Activists working for pay equity worry that the Trump administration and the Republican Congress might roll back equal pay enforcement. President Trump’s daughter Ivanka said during last year’s campaign that her father would fight for “equal pay for equal work” as President. Trump appointed her as a White House adviser last month. She has told reporters she’s “very passionate” about wage equality.

Internet carriers can now sell private information about you, without your consent…

Internet companies can now sell your online information without your knowledge or permission and without compensating you. President Trump yesterday signed the bill that wiped out privacy rules the Federal Communications Commission passed last year. Industry leaders said if the bill was not passed it would have placed unnecessary restrictions on broadband providers. Critics of the bill accuse Republicans of selling the privacy of their constituents.
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