Today Is Deadline To Register For the November Election In Virginia…

Today is deadline to register in Virginia…

Residents in Virginia. Today is your deadline to register in order to take part in next month November 8th General Election. Online, by mail or in person.

The President Touts his educational achievements while at a local H.S….

Today President Barack Obama will tout his administrations achievements in education at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School. Despite the fact that many of the 450 students are from low income families the school boast a 100% graduation rate. The graduation rate nationally since Obama has been in office is up to 83.2% across all ethnicity.

A new demand based pilot meter program begins in DC…

A new demand based pilot meter fee’s begins this morning in DC’s Penn Quarter and Chinatown. Depending on when you park you could pay $2.00 an hour during low demand times and up to $2.75 for high demand times. Some meters will remain at the regular $2.30 an hour.

U.S. takes part in Iraqi military fight with ISIS in Mosul…

A U.S. led coalition is backing Iraqi military fight to regain the city of Mosul for ISIS. Former CIA Director Dave Petraeus say ISIS will be defeated in the city. Speaking on ABC’s “This Week” Petraeus said the U.S. will need to provide additional weapons and support in order to return diplomacy to the area following the take over.

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