Trump Pushes Senators To Keep Going On Healthcare, Alexandria Police Searching For Road Rage Suspect

Trump Pushes Senators To Keep Going On Healthcare

President Trump is making it clear he wants senators to get to work on healthcare. During a White House lunch today, he told Republican senators they should not leave town for their August recess without repealing and replacing Obamacare. Trump also reminded them that they have promised to repeal Obamacare for seven years. Trump’s comments followed this week’s near-collapse of the latest Senate GOP healthcare bill. He said Obamacare was a “big lie” and argued that it is crushing struggling families.

Alexandria Police Searching For Road Rage Suspect

Alexandria Police are searching for a gunman after a possible road rage incident. Authorities say gunfire was reported on Eisenhower Avenue near Clermont Drive around 8:00 this morning. A female victim was transported to a hospital with very serious injuries. The gunman reportedly drove off and a manhunt is underway. A section of Eisenhower Avenue is closed and Alexandria County Public Schools have rerouted buses to avoid the scene.

Maryland Woman Collects 66K In Welfare Scam

A Maryland woman is facing prison time for allegedly lying to collect more than 66-thousand dollars in welfare payments. Prosecutors say 40-year-old Sharon Douglas of Olney knowingly submitted false information in 2014 so she could receive a housing subsidy of more than 17-hundred-dollars a month. According to court documents, Douglas claimed to be a destitute single mother of four children. In reality, prosecutors say she is married to a man with steady income and has a part-time job herself. Douglas faces another court appearance July 25th.

DC Collected Nearly $100M On Speeding Infractions

Washington, DC is cashing in on speeding drivers. A report from Triple-A Mid-Atlantic says the District issued nearly a million tickets from speed cameras in 2016, almost twice as many tickets issued in 2015. The revenue generated by the speed cameras came out to over 99-million dollars. John Townsend with Triple-A says that because there are several hundred cameras in DC and Maryland, rush-hour commuters have to — quote — “run the gauntlet” to avoid speed traps.

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