U.S. Navy Lifts Ban On Women Wearing Locs

Contributed by BreAnna Bell

The U.S. Navy is following suit with the Marines, the Army and the Air Force and has lifted its ban on dreadlocs for women.

The Navy reportedly announced the end to the ban during a live broadcast via their facebook page on Tuesday, Huffpost says.

Before lifting the ban, options were very limited for women sailors. Many were forced to choose between wearing a wig and ultimately cutting their locs off entirely.

Chief of Naval Operations Adm. John Richardson tells the Huffington Post the change won’t just make the Navy more formidable, but also more inclusive. The Navy enlisted a six-person working group to recommend changes to grooming standards, based on feedback from their peers

Many other styles, including ponytails and braids, will also be allowed under the new relaxed rules barring that they don’t interfere with the female sailor’s operational needs. Male sailors, however, will still be required to keep their hair short.



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