White House: Flynn Situation Had Eroded For Some Time, Prince George’s County Official Wants Jury Trial In Drunk Driving Case

White House: Flynn Situation Had Eroded For Some Time

Presidential spokesman Sean Spicer says the situation involving now-former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had been eroding for some time. He told a briefing that it reached a point where President Trump asked for Flynn’s resignation. Spicer called it a trust issue. Flynn stepped aside amid growing questions about whether he had inappropriate talks with the Russian ambassador about sanctions, before the inauguration. The Obama administration imposed sanctions after getting a U.S. intelligence assessment about attempted Russian meddling in the presidential election. Spicer insisted that President Trump has been “incredibly tough on Russia.”

Prince George’s County Official Wants Jury Trial In Drunk Driving Case

The people put him in office, and now he’s hoping they’ll keep him out of jail. Prince George’s County Council member Mel Franklin asked a judge yesterday for a jury trial in his drunk driving case. Franklin was charged for a crash in November that damaged a government car and left two people with serious injuries. No trial date has been set.

Bowser Reacts To House Vote On Assisted Suicide Bill

DC’s mayor says she’s disappointed by what she calls an egregious act to trample on the city’s right to make its own laws. Muriel Bowser was responding last night to a House committee’s vote to strike down an assisted suicide bill she signed into law in December. Bowser thanked the 14 committee members who voted to uphold the law, including California Republican Darrell Issa [[ EYE-suh ]] He was the only Republican who sided with The District.

Henrietta Lacks Family Compensation

A man is seeking compensation for the unauthorized use of his mother’s cells that have become widely used in scientific research since her 1951 death.  The Baltimore Sun reports that Henrietta Lacks’ son, Lawrence, and his son and daughter-in-law say they plan to file a lawsuit against Johns Hopkins University in coming weeks. Attorneys previously told the family the statute of limitations had passed, but attorney Francis Lanasa says he would use a “continuing tort” argument, alleging that Hopkins continued to violate the “personal rights, privacy and body parts” of Henrietta Lacks over time. Hopkins officials say when the cells were taken there was no established consent practice or regulations on the use of cells in research. Hopkins says it hasn’t profited from the cells.

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