Goin’ Vegan, Gonna SLAY!

Contributed by Diamond Sydnor

We have all heard “Eat your veggies, it’s good for ya!” Whether it was from grandma, grandpa, the doctor, or our parents, that statement has to ring bells for all of us! For some of us, vegetables are not our favorite, at least the ones that have all the nutrients aren’t, but what if I told you increasing your vegetables and decreasing other foods in your diet is the key to combat a lot of illnesses and the key to beauty solutions? Would that make you make your next meal full of super greens? I hope so!

Did you know artificial sugars and dairy products cause our bodies to produce poor cells and mucus which leads to unwanted bacteria and creates unwanted problems. As humans, our bodies are not made to process animal products nor is it made to process artificial sugars and preservatives. Many people in the African American community either have an intolerance to dairy or are allergic to it, while others in the community are fighting other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, or even obesity just to name a few.

For some reason many diseases viciously attack the black race than any other race because of the poor eating habits. Hey, let’s be honest people, we don’t always choose the healthy stuff. I will take a slice a pizza any day of sautéed spinach! You are not alone! Do you feel bloated or heavy after animal products? Do you feel tired? Do you at times get a headache? These are signs that your body is not digesting these foods properly. If this is happening to you, it may be time to cut the animal products for good, clean your system out, and up the fruits and veggies along with some chia and flax seeds. Some feel veganism is impossible! Others feel you won’t get enough protein. I did too! With some research and will power I was able to conquer it for a year.

I was vegan for one year and that was the best I ever felt. I decided to go vegan because I was dealing with high blood pressure issues and obesity issues. I had a headache every day for about a week and the straw that broke the camels’ back was me having a nosebleed because of the high blood pressure! I said no more! I decided to stop eating out and I went vegan. I lost about 35lbs and did not feel bloated or tired at all. I had a lot of energy and was the healthiest I had ever been, and then a chicken wing called my name, a buffalo wing drumstick to be exact and I’ve been struggling to get back to veganism since then! What I did not know, that I know now is that a lot of our veggies have the protein we need to suffice for the animal and dairy products we eat. Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, brussel sprouts, asparagus, and artichokes are all great sources of protein! Eating vegetables that are a great source of nutrients and vitamins help to fight diseases, cancer, and combat other illnesses. Coconut based products are also a great tasting dairy substitute, that doesn’t cause extra mucus and are also low in calories.

Veganism may not only be the answer to several internal issues but even beauty issues. Ditching the animals, products for a surplus of veggies can clear your skin and give it a glow, make your hair and nails grow, and even knock off them pounds you can’t seem to get rid of.

I am currently on a journey to fight for my health again and to put nothing but whole foods inside of it and ditch the animal products for good. I encourage you all to do it with me!

Here are some vegan meat and dairy substitutes that I highly recommend! Check them out! If you can’t go cold turkey, try it out for a week and compare how you feel! Me being able to feel the difference in my body and health is what’s motivating me to continue!