A Suspect Has Died In The Custody Of Prince George’s County Police

An investigation has been launched into the weekend death of a man in police custody in Prince George’s County.

The person has been identified as 38-year-old Kevin Antonio Jessie. Officers responding to a call from a rideshare drive who said a man partially dressed was knocking on doors along Kings Manor Drive in Bowie.

When officers arrived they found the person in question only wearing underwear and socks knocking on door to door along the 1400 block of Kings Manor Drive.

Officer says Jessie appeared to be under the influence. As the ambulance arrived he began acting erratic so they handcuffed him for his safety. Once paramedics arrived they began to care for him. His conditions quickly worsen so they asked the police to remove his handcuffs, which they did. After working on him for 20 minutes he was pronounced dead on the scene.

An autopsy will be conducted on him. An Internal Affair Investigation has been launched. This is standard procedure when a person dies while in the custody of the police.

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