African American Activist Found Dead

The founder of the African American History Museum in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was found dead last Friday in the trunk of her car.

Sadie Roberts-Joseph, who was 75 years old was a known community leader. According to the Advocate, she founded the Odell S. Williams Now and Then African American History Museum in 2001 and was the creator of the organization “Community Against Drugs and Violence. ” She was a strong advocate and promoted making Juneteenth a state and national holiday.

The Baton Rouge Police Department issued a statement recognizing Joseph and what she meant to others. ” Ms. Sadie was a tireless advocate of peace in the community”, said the agency.

“Ms. Sadie is a treasure to our community, she will be missed by BRPD and her loss will be felt in the community she served”, said the agency.

Her cause of death is still under investigation. It’s unknown what led police officers to the discovery of her body in the trunk of her car.

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