Community Activist, Amber Evans, Body Recovered In Scioto River

Contributed by Taylor Ardrey

Columbus community activist, Amber Evans, body was recovered on Saturday, March 23. After months of searching, Columbus Police Special Victims Bureau and Dive Team discovered her body in the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio. It is reported that Amber Evans has been missing since Jan. 28.

“While this is not the outcome we hoped for, we understand this brings closure for the family. Our thoughts & prayers go out to them,” Columbus Police wrote in a Twitter press release.

Her abandoned vehicle was found in the Scioto Mile area Downtown and her phone was found in another part of Scioto Mile. She was last seen in a local store buying cold medicine and a candy bar.

Evans is known for being positively active in her community and collaborating with social justice organizations like the Juvenile Justice Coalition in Columbus,Ohio since 2015. She was recently promoted to Executive Director earlier this year. She was a key organizer of protests at Columbus City Hall and according to The Columbus Dispatch, was “heavily involved” with the People’s Justice Project.

Evans’ mother broke silence via Facebook Live:

“I’m coming on here as a mother who has just found out that I lost my first-born child,” Fischer said, choking up as she spoke. “I love you all, and you all know I’m more than willing to accept all that you have to give… but just give me a moment. Just a moment. Give my family a moment.”

Tynan Krakoff released a statement from social organization, “Show Up for Racial Justice”:

“Anyone who knew Amber knows that she was extremely disciplined and dedicated to struggling for a better world. She treated everyone with dignity and when you spoke, it always felt like she truly was listening. She was a fighter and we will continue her legacy.”

As the story still develops, Evans’ family is in our thoughts and prayers!