DC Gov’t Worker Charged With Accepting Sex In Exchange For Food Stamp Benefits, Metro Is Looking At Covering Discount Car-Sharing Service For Some Late Night Commuters

DC Gov’t worker charged with accepting sex in exchange for food stamp benefits…

A DC Department of Human Service is facing some jail time in a welfare fraud case involving sex and money. Demetrius McMillion a social services representative is accused of accepting sex in exchange for $1.4 million dollars in food stamp benefits. It’s also reported he received some $380,000 in cash from April 2018 to July of 2018.

Today McMillion is due in court today for a plea hearing. The details of that agreement have not been released to the public. He becomes the second person charged for welfare corruption in the past month locally.

Metro is looking at covering discount car-sharing service for some late night commuters…

Metro officials are looking at a 1-year pilot program to help those affected by the transit agencies decision not to return to late night service.

The board is looking to pay the first $3 of up to 10 weekly trips of select riders and workers affected by Metro not to resume late night service, but instead use that time to work on desperately need maintenance service.

Rideshare companies interested in being considered to participate in the program have until April 10th to submit a proposal. The budget for this 12-month pilot is $1 million dollars.

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