DC Superior Court Jurors Get A Pay Raise

DC Superior Court Jurors get a pay raise…

Starting today DC Superior Court jurors who have to serve for more than a day will be given a pay raise. The daily pay is going from $10 to $40. In addition, to that court officials also decided to increase travel subsidies from $4 a day to $5 a day.

This change is the first one for the District in 19 years. This also makes DC jurors the second highest paid. Utah ranks at number 1 they pay jurors $49 a day. Before the increase DC was at the same day rate as Dallas, New York and Las Vegas. The daily pay rate in Prince George’s and Montgomery county is $15 a day.  In the Commonwealth jurors are paid $30 a day.

In 2018, more than 115,000 residents in the District of Columbia were called to serve.  According to court records the number of jury duty cases have dropped from 303 back in 2006 to just over 290 last year.

DC Superior Chief Judge Robert Morin says it’s important “We understand that sacrifices are involved.” He believes the change will help individuals to be able to do their civic duty to serve.

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