Grand Jury Subpoena’s Documents Involving A DC Council Member, Loudoun Co. Student Arrested For Assaulting A School Resource Officer,

Grand jury subpoena’s documents involving A DC Council member …

A federal grand jury has issued a subpoena for information involving DC Council member Jack Evans, a 2016 bill he proposed and Digi Outdoor, which paid him $50,000.Digi Outdoors is a digital sign company that had started a multimillion dollar effort to start doing business in the city.

In 2016 Evans introduced a bill that if approved would have benefited Digi Outdoor. Evans who created NSE Consulting in July of that year was given the check in the amount of $50,000 from Digi Outdoor’s CEO, was given to him three weeks before the consulting firm was formed. It has since raised eyebrows.

Evans says the check was returned. He claims the payment was a retainer for future work. Then two months later Evans received 200,000 shares of Digi Outdoor stock. Evans says that too has been returned.

The quest is also for documents regarding legislation that would have permitted digital signage at National Parks and around the baseball stadium. The measure was being pushed by a lobbyist with ties to Evans. In fact, William Jarvis, the lobbyist is the same person who helped Evans set up his Consulting firm. Council member David Grosso in December called for a special committee to be created to further look into the matter.

Loudoun Co. student arrested for assaulting an officer…

A student from Loudoun County Dominion High School has been arrested for assault. The unidentified male student is accused of assaulting an administrator and then a resource officer that stepped in.

The incident which was caught on cell phone video and went viral happened yesterday inside the school. School officials say the student was first asked by an administrator to leave the cafeteria. The student then turned on the staffer. The school’s resource officer stepped in to arrest him for the assault and that when the suspect started hitting the office.

The very disturbing video is circulation on social media. It has also resulted in the student facing felony charges of obstruction of justice by force and assault on a law enforcement office. The officer who was hit repeatedly in the face was taken to the hospital but he was not seriously hurt.

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