New Guide To Help DC Students Graduate On Time

The District of Columbia has come up with a new way to help students graduate on time. School Leaders have unveiled a new emailable guide called the “Guide to Graduate, College, and Career”.

This unique service tool will help students stay on track with what they need to successfully complete school. The program does a number of things from informing parents and students about a students current GPA, the classes they have taken and still need to take to graduate and absentee information. This guide uses graphics to show missing class credits in red.

An outside company was commissioned by the District to create it. This unique software also shows students what colleges may be best for them. It will list colleges at either a “reach”, “match” or “likely” based on SAT and or PSAT scores. It will also recommend career paths for students based on information that have entered from other surveys.

The major development for students follows a commissioned report that showed 1 in 3 students graduated in 2017 with completing the necessary classes.

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