Nursing Homes Revoking Visitation Due To The Coronavirus 

Contributed by Amber Cooper

Mount Vernon Healthcare Center, has officially closed its doors for visitation due to the spread of the Coronavirus. 

This DMV area healthcare center has placed a bright orange COVID-19 sign on its doors, notifying the public that visitation rights are temporarily revoked for family and friends. 

According to, “This facility serves more than 100 long term care patients, those rehabbing from surgery, and there is hospice care.” The reporter continues saying, “It is one of seven facilities in the DMV operated by CommuniCare health services.” 

The company has implemented plans like Facetime to continue communication amongst family members and friends. However, family members in hospice care will still be allowed to see family in their final days.

The visitation precautions are being taken seriously because the elderly are more susceptible to the COVID-19 virus. Anyone with a compromised immune system is at risk, which can be fatal.

According to the CDC Newsroom, “This seems to be a disease that affects adults. And most seriously older adults. Starting at age 60, there is an increasing risk of disease and the risk increases with age.” 

At this moment, the company does not know how long the no visitation policy will be in effect, but will continue every precaution to protect its residents.