Public Meeting This Am On How DC Handles Marijuana Testing And Employment

The Mayor of the District of Columbia has made a few changes to the guidelines on marijuana use and those employed in the city to work together with new decriminalization laws.

The change means thousands who work in DC Government can use marijuana for recreational or medical reason without it costing their job.

Adam Eidinger with DC Marijuana Justice sees things differently. He feels the current rules are so broad that they still leave several workers vulnerable to losing their jobs.

This morning at 11 am the City Council will hold a public hearing on how the District handles marijuana testing. There are two competing bills. The Committee on Labor & Workforce Development will hold a Public Hearing on the following Legislation:

B23-0266, the “Prohibition of Marijuana Testing Act of 2019”
B23-0309, the “Medical Marijuana Program Patient Employment Protection Amendment Act of 2019”

One bill prohibits marijuana testing as a condition for employment for city workers unless required by law. The second bill would bar DC Government agencies from discrimination based on city workers use of medical marijuana.

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