U.S. Supreme Court Evacuated, Suspicious Package Found

It’s a big day for the Justices here in the District but right now the U.S. Supreme Court has been evacuated.

It follows a suspicious package found on a street outside of the courts. A number of roads have been closed they include East Capitol Street in NE from First Street, NE/SE to 2nd Street NE, First Street from Constitution Avenue in N.E. to Independence Avenue in S.E.

There’s a large crowd that has been gathering outside of the court for today’s hearing on whether a company can legally fire someone because their gay, lesbian or transgender. It stems from a case in Georgia where a Gerald Bostock was fired from his county job after his agency found he had joined a gay softball team.

The current law makes it illegal to discriminate against a worker based on sex. The question is does the definition of “Sex” apply to gender identity and sexual orientation. The hearing will include two other related cases this morning.

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