How To Keep Your Your Scalp and Skin Moisturized and Healthy In The Summer

Beautiful hot summer days are around the corner. As you prepare to head to the beach and other outdoor events, be sure to have your skin and scalp on the right track. Tonight, we’re giving you some tips to maintain a healthy scalp and skin for the summer months. If you’re having some issues, this topic is for you.


Dr. Shani Francis-Medical Director & Chief Wellness Officer with Ashira Dermatology





 IRON. Iron is very important to maintain hair texture and density. For some groups of people, getting adequate iron usually is not a major concern. This includes:

  • those that eat meat, especially red meat
  • most men (higher testosterone level)
  • some post-menopausal women
  • hereditary hemochromotosis

For other populations of people, maintaining adequate iron levels in the blood can be challenging without supplementation.

Keith Harley-Trichologist & Hair and Scalp Specialist

Instagram: @dr.keithharley


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