THE JOURNEY: “Art In Conversation”

The Journey - Lori & Kenish


On this episode of The Journey, President Wayne A. I. Frederick hosts two honors graduate students studying art.  Lori Evelyn Allan is a first year graduate design student and Kenish Magwood is a second year graduate painting student.  Both are committed to using their work to spark conversations about tough questions within their communities.

Air Date: April 5, 2015


Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick

As the 17th President of Howard University, Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick is dedicated to extending the legacy of Howard University as a world-renowned academic and research institution. Dr. Frederick has a deeply personal relationship with Howard University and represents the mosaic of the 80,000 + living alumni who are connected to the University as well as the students, staff and faculty members who are invested in Howard University’s success.

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