The Mid-Day With Triscina Grey

The perfect companion for your working mid-day is Triscina Grey. Triscina, who has won several awards for her personality and commitment to her community, has charmed the DC market for years. Triscina is a most sought after host for events from social to civic settings throughout the District, Maryland & Virginia. From that second cup-of–coffee break to those hours when the day hasn’t moved fast enough, it’s good to know you have the personality, information and music to help you make it through.

Daily Features

Message for the Mid-Day @ 10:10am

Triscina opens her show with a motivational message to inspire and uplift you at the beginning of your workday.

News @ 11:50am

The latest mid-day news and weather before your lunch break.

Café 96 @ 12pm

Café 96 is WHUR’s “State of the Mind” diner. Take a musical lunch break and get in your live requests. Plus lots of giveaways and guests.

Midday FYI

Just before 3pm, Triscina closes her show daily with an interesting bit of information.

Frantic Friday Prize Pack Giveaways!

Request Line

Local DC, MD, VA: (202) 432-WHUR or (202) 432-9487
Toll Free: 1-(800) 221-WHUR or 1-(800) 221-9487

Get Off Your Buns and Move!

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