Kamala Harris Criticizes Trump’s ‘Many Sides’ Statement On Charlottesville

Harris expressed her disappointment through social media by saying “And as the country grappled with this tragedy, we were told that ‘many sides’ should be condemned. Many sides,” Harris stated in a Facebook post Sunday. “I often advocate that we look at many sides of an issue, walk in someone else’s shoes and identify and reject false choices. But there are not ‘many sides’ to this.”

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Sen. Cory Booker Proposes the Marijuana Justice Act

The proposal, named the Marijuana Justice Act, would remove marijuana from the official federal list of Schedule I narcotics, such as heroin, cocaine, and peyote. It would also decrease federal funding from states with superfluous marijuana arrest rates for minority and poor citizens.

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Sen. John McCain Rejects New Healthcare Bill

McCain stated, “I’ve stated time and time again that one of the major failures of Obamacare was that it was rammed through Congress by Democrats on a strict-party line basis without a single Republican vote,” McCain said in a statement. “We must now return to the correct way of legislating and send the bill back to committee, hold hearings, receive input from both sides of an aisle, heed the recommendations of nation’s governors, and produce a bill that finally delivers affordable health care for the American people. We must do the hard work our citizens expect of us and deserve.”

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