Gas Station Shooting Leaves One Dead, Another Protest Set for American University…

In the News @ 9
A gas station shooting leaves one dead…
4 pm rally planned at American University over racists acts…
The DOJ says no charges will be filed in Baton Rouge Police shooting of Alton Sterling…

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The Baltimore City Police Dept Needs To Be Restructured, Not Reformed!

Hampton has been very vocal about his knowledge of corruption in police departments nationwide and admits he has been asked not to speak out against the police. He explains the “culture” doesn’t support police to ‘break the code” to speak out and police nationwide hide behind unions and attorneys for protection.

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Justice Department Confirms Culture Of Corruption Within Baltimore City Police Department

The Department of Justice confirmed Baltimore police routinely violate civil rights, perform unlawful traffic stops, use excessive force, practice discriminatory policing, and retaliate against people who exercise free speech.

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