Try That Wine Before You Buy It; There’s An App For That

Do you have goals of becoming a wine connoisseur but don’t have the credentials? Are you attending every wine festival in the DMV this summer but know absolutely nothing about wine? Is Bartenura Moscato the only wine you know intimately? Are you looking to impress a new suitor but need to brush up on your wine trivia? Not sure what wine to pair with big, juicy steak? Well, guess what? THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT!

The Vivino app guarantees to turn you into a wine expert. All you have to do is take a picture of the wine label and locate the wine’s ratings, recommended food pairings, average price and scan reviews of the wine. To date, the app has scanned nearly 425 million labels, given 72 million ratings, and has over 24 million subscribers. Plus, the wine business is a $300 million industry.

“We had a problem that needed solving: I want to drink better wine but I don’t know s**t about wine,” app creator Heini Zachariassen told CNN Money. The 45-year-old entrepreneur launched the app 7 years ago.

The app is available for apple and droid devices in the App and Google Play stores. Download the Vivino wine app here.


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