5 Ways To Help Fund Your Child’s College Education

College is not cheap! I love seeing my Facebook timeline full of graduates in formation sporting their caps and gowns and proud parents. And for many high school graduates, next up is college. Unfortunately college isn’t the reality for all students. Why? Because the cost of college is too much for some families. Here are 5 ways to help fund your college education, courtesy of XONecole.com.

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  1. Sit in on a lecture – You don’t have to be enrolled in school sit in on a lecture. It’s FREE, so why not. Knowledge is power.
  2. Take FREE or discounted Ivy League courses online – I had no idea many Ivy League schools like Yale, Duke, MIT, and Harvard offer courses online based off of need and course availability. Just google the school’s name online and use a search term like “free/discount courses.”
  3. YouTube has everything – Search your favorite course topic and gain FREE knowledge from the world’s top experts. You can’t beat that!
  4. Download iTunes U on your iPhone – this app allows you to access digital catalogues of FREE educational content and you’re able to learn on the go.
  5. Sign up for online courses – Teachable, Skillshare, and Lynda (just to name a few) offers online courses from universities and professionals. Be sign to subscribe to e-newsletters for deals.


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