Actress Elise Neal Shares Her Secret to Being 50 and Fabulous!

No one can believe actress Elise Neal is 50. The actress shared her diet and fitness regimen with People magazine.

Neal was a dancer in her younger years.

“As a dancer, you could do six classes in a day, and that’s just kind of the lifestyle,” she told the magazine. “Working out an hour or an hour and a half every day is the norm for me unless it’s really, really hectic. I just love it. I feel better, I sleep better, I don’t get angry with people so much. It helps me all the way around. I’d like that feeling to continue so I try my best to keep it up.”

The actress has always been committed to working out and staying in shape. She alternates between strength training, incline running on the treadmill, squats, sit-ups, dance cardio, yoga and bootcamp classes.

“I mix it up,” she says.

Neal admits she occasionally indulges in meals that are not so healthy but moderation is key.

“I’m still a girl that was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, so I do occasionally still eat meat and things like that,” she says. “If I’m craving a hamburger, I’m going to have a hamburger — I’m just going to work out really hard the next day. But I’m not going to have five bags of chips or a full plate covered in foods and sauces. I’ll have a small plate of the things I like to eat. I do love salad and I do eat a lot of fruits of vegetables.”

The actress doesn’t have a strenuous skincare regimen.

“To me, [removing makeup before bed is] the easiest thing you can do for your skin.”

Elise Neal appears alongside actor Hugh Jackman in Logan, in stores Mar 3.

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