Anthony Hamilton Releases Powerful Video ‘Love Conquers All’ Ahead Of Midterm Election

Anthony Hamilton is using his voice to reach voters just in the time for the 2018 midterm election. The Grammy Award-winning artist sat down for an exclusive interview with Essence.

“‘Love Conquers All’ tackles tough, uncomfortable subjects like gun control, criminal justice reform, and prioritizing education. An artist has two choices. Stay quiet or use your voice. Through his music, Anthony Hamilton continues to encourage folks to be part of the change we need in this country.

Just last week, another place of worship was the target of bigotry and hate in a Pittsburgh synagogue. We can’t stay quiet and allow fear to paralyze us. Despite feeling overwhelmed and powerless when hate breaks out, we can do something. We can get up and vote for candidates who believe in gun reform. It’s not about taking away the right to bear arms. It’s about making sure that assault rifles that are meant for war don’t end up in churches and schools.

Too many Black and Brown people are in prison because prison is big business. And when they get out, there’s nothing to look forward to but feeling hopeless and helpless. It’s like society looks over them and jobs are hard to come by, leaving many families to suffer. We need to vote for candidates who are against for-profit prisons. They exploit these people for corporate gain and financial power. That’s not cool. Our system makes it to re enter general society and the chance to be productive again. Then it’s back to crime and the the cycle continues. So please do the research vote for change.

Teachers play an incredible role in shaping every kid’s life. Along with family, teachers help mold our babies—helping them become the best they can be. They should be cherished. I get mad when I hear about teachers who struggle to meet their basic needs. It should make us all angry that a huge percentage of educators use their own money to buy supplies when they are already underpaid. We need elected officials who believe that education is a huge priority.”



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