Are Rihanna And H.E.R Collaborating On A New Project?

– Contributed by Tayler Adigun

In a recent interview with journalist MalcolmMusic, H.E.R shared that she and Rihanna are working on “secret projects.” The singer who is known for her persistent anonymity hinted at the idea of a potential collaboration with the “Work” songstress.

In 2016 Rihanna featured H.E.R’s song “Focus” in an Instagram video, which took the “Every Kind Of Way” songstress out of character in a jubilant way.

“I was jumping up and down and I never do that, like I was super excited,” she shared in the interview.

H.E.R also talked about her debut album and her early musical influences.

“I’m inspired by Brandy and she is a huge inspiration to me,” she told Malcolm.

Neither has said much about the potential collaboration but H.E.R did let listeners know that there is something to be expected.

“ Yeah we’ve got some secret projects coming out.“

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