Ballou High School Seniors Have A 100% College Acceptance Rate For The First Time Ever

It was a milestone for Frank W. Ballou High School when the entire senior class applied to college for the first time ever. Three months later, the Southeast, D.C. public school is proud to announce that all 189 of its seniors have been accepted to college.

Many underestimated the students of Ballou because of its dilapidated neighborhood, history of violence and poor graduation rates. Ballou once had the second lowest city public high school graduation rate.

Despite the negativity the school once faced, 170 Ballou seniors walked across the ceremony stage to receive their diplomas June 13. The remaining 19 are set to receive their diplomas in December and ALL will graduate with at least one college acceptance letter in their possession.

“There are some schools and communities where college is an automatic next step. There is no celebration,” said Ballou’s Principal Yetunde Reeves told the Washington Post. “Our kids don’t get that same message. We are trying to create an environment where going to college is what Ballou does as well.”

Congrats seniors of Ballou High School!

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