Barack Obama Laying Low Post-Presidency

President Barack Obama is enjoying a very low profile following holding the top job in the nation. Can you blame him? After eight years of unrelenting stress, he’s entitled. Now when spotted out and about, his wardrobe is seemingly more casual and GQ than we’ve ever seen before. He finally tossed his mom jeans, regularly sports a tie-less ensemble and has a swag on 10.

Michelle and Barack Obama are hands-down the most popular, and youngest, post-White House couple in US history and now that they’re staying in D.C. until Sasha graduates high school, they’re constantly thrust back in to the spotlight. But who’s mad about that? We aren’t at all.

In a recent Washington Post article, a reporter described how informal Barack Obama’s first cocktail party at his new office was. Not only was it potluck-style but attendees found themselves rubbing elbows with former vice president  Joe Biden at the cheese plate. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall that day.

The Obamas are undeniably enjoying their time as private citizens. From having lunch in very public places to working out at a busy Soul Cycle location to visiting museums in town, the Obamas are simply enjoying life.

Mr. Obama is planning to extend his stay in Tetiaroa, a South Pacific island once owned by legendary Hollywood actor Marlon Brando, as he begins to write his memoir about the last eight years he spent as president. The Obamas inked a multimillion-dollar book deal last month.


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