Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Asks The Court To Overturn Conviction and Sentencing


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After being convicted of three counts of sexual assault, Bill Cosby‘s lawyers ask the court to get rid of the conviction and prison sentence.

Bill Cosby’s lawyers wants the Philadelphia court to overturn his 3 to 10 year conviction due to “a string of errors in his sexual assault case.”

According to CBS News, Cosby’s defense team is claiming that Judge Steven O’Neill made an error in declaring Cosby as a sexual violent predator. The lawyers state that the sentence was harsher than necessary seeing as how Cosby is 81 years old and blind.

Cosby’s lawyers also state that the trail evidence of him sexually assaulting accuser Andrea Constand and being arrested within a 12-year limit could not be proven and, the audio recording played to jurors of a 2005 conversation between Cosby and Andrea Constand’s mother was “not authentic”.

The audio recording has been dismissed as a legitimate appeal issue by District Attorney Kevin Steele because the court was aware that Andrea Constand’s mother, Gianna Constand, started recording after the call began.

Along with improper evidence Cosby’s defense team exclaim that O’Neil, “improperly considered the trial testimony of five other accusers in sentencing Cosby, instead of limiting that ‘prior bad act’.”

As reported by USA Today, the defense motion was posted last Friday to a public court docket and a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office said the office will file a response. The motion was filed by lawyers Peter Goldberger and Joseph P. Green Jr.,

Since his sentencing on September 25, 2018 Cosby has been held in the Philadelphia state prison where he was rejected the $1 million bail due to his flight risk, fame, and use of drugs.

Even though a motion has been filed no one knows for sure where it will lead seeing as how O’Neil stated in court before sentencing that, “it is time for justice. Mr. Cosby, this has all circled back to you. The time has come.”

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