DMX To Serve One Year In Prison For Tax Evasion

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DMX’s year is not getting off to a great start. This week the rapper was sentenced to a year in prison for tax evasion. The rap star is currently doing everything in his power to avoid his looming jail time.

DMX has pleaded guilty to tax fraud ensuing his attempts to avoid the $1.7 million he owes the IRS in back taxes. He was sent to prison in early January after failing a drug test. Back in 2017, DMX discussed his tax fraud allegations with an audience at the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival claiming that he should not be looked at as a role model, according to TV One.

DMX requested to play one of his own songs for the judge in order to avoid getting the maximum sentence of five years for tax evasion. USA Today reports that as “Slippin,’” one of DMX’s most popular songs, played DMX and some of his supports nodded their heads in support of the song.

After listening to the heartfelt track, which describes his traumatic childhood in great detail, the judge stated that DMX was a “good man” and gave him the minimum time for his charges, one year in prison. He is also ordered to pay $2.3 million to the IRS.

Presently, Desiree Lindstrom and Tashera Simmons, DMX’s child’s mother, and ex-wife, are coming to together in attempts to persuade the judge to shorten his prison sentence. His ex-wife, Simmons allegedly wrote and lengthy letter to the judge explaining that he is a father of fifteen children and that he is needed by them.

The Jasmine Brand reports some of the letters stated, “The kind of help he needs he’s not going to get behind bars…He has so much to offer his children, family, and world.”

We trust that the sincere efforts from DMX’s family as well as his fans will assist him in getting his sentence reduced. His actual sentencing hearing is set for today.

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