Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Said To Be The Worst On Record

Donald Trump‘s first 100 days in office are said to be the worst on record, according to New York Times columnist David Leonhardt. The op-ed piece breaks down exactly what the president has and hasn’t done since entering the White House.

Leonhardt claims that prior to Trump, Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy historically had the weakest starts. Now, that distinguished honor has been award to President Trump.

Trump has made no significant progress on any major legislation. The healthcare bill was dead on arrival. Who is truly going to pay for this wall and why are billions and billions of dollars being wasted on a wall when our children don’t have basic school supplies and teachers are underpaid? Trump’s tax plan sounds very basic and lacks depth, like most of his “bright” ideas.

Trump has yet to staff the majority of his administration. He has made only 50 nominations to fill the top 553 positions of the executive branch. He hasn’t even nominated anyone for 90 percent of its top jobs.

There has been scandal after scandal in Trump’s first 100 days, more than all other presidents combined. I may be overexaggerating a tad but not really. Talk about making a good impression. No one can even take Trump’s press secretary Spicer serious anyway.

Trump has no clear foreign policy. Are we surprised? Nothing’s clear when it comes to Trump except the fact that he’s overwhelmingly unqualified for his position as President of the United States.

Trump is by far the most unpopular president in U.S. history. A new CNN poll states Trump has an approval rating of just 44%, the lowest of any president at this point of their term. Obama, Reagan and Johnson, have been above 60 percent within the first 100 days of their presidency.

For more on David Leohardt’s opinion of Trump’s first 100 days in office, see here.


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