Janet Jackson Delivers #MeToo Speech At MTV EMAs

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On Sunday, November 4th, Janet Jackson gave a stellar performance at the MTV European Music Awards after receiving the Global Icon Award, along with a moving speech that touched not only the audience there but everyone watching.

After her three-song performance, including “Made for Now,” “All for You,” and “Rhythm Nation,” Jackson gave a heartfelt speech about the #MeToo movement and the impact it has on the music industry and today’s society.

As reported by Source Magazine, the “Rhythm Nation” singer exclaimed that she speaks for all women whose voices have gone unheard.

“Tonight I speak for women whose voices have been stifled. I am one of those women. I stand with you. You are my sisters. Women, our voices will be heard […] when we speak out for justice.”

The audience’s reactions were nothing short of empathetic as Jackson gave her speech.

The soulful singer went on to say, “I carry the hope that a new world is emerging. A world in which caring people, male as well as female, will no longer tolerate gender inequality.”

Jackson expressed she knew all too well of gender inequality within the music industry, as just this past year the outrage over how she was treated after the 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction resurfaced, according to the Washington Post.

After the 2004 performance, which she performed with Justin Timberlake, Jackson was shunned while Timberlake’s reputation continued to remain untouched.

“Speak out for the spirit that crosses all borders, recognizes the dignity of all people and affirms the beauty of all faiths. Speak out for acts of true charity, small and large. Speak out for an all-embracing love. Because it’s love that will heal our wounds,” Jackson exclaimed as she concluded her speech at the EMA’s.

The Global Icon Award was not the only award the legendary singer has received this year. Jackson was the first African American woman to receive the Icon Award from the Billboard Music Awards.

“I’m deeply humbled and grateful for this award. I believe that for all the challenges, for all our challenges, we live at a glorious moment in history,” stated Jackson during her Icon Award acceptance speech.

Jackson has always used her platform to express her stances on the music industry and society as a whole and because of that, along with her iconic music, she is considered among the legendary.


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