Maxine Waters Is ‘Reclaiming Her Time’

Maxine Waters proved that she was no stooge when she contested Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin at a House Financial Services committee hearing Thursday. Waters conversation with Mnuchin engendered the new encouraging saying for women “reclaiming my time.”

Per Elle, Waters questioned Mnuchin on why he had not responded to a letter that the committee had sent him some time ago concerning President Donald Trump’s finances.

Mnuchin seemed to be trying to waste time in the few minutes Waters had allotted to ask questions. Mnuchin attempted to use strategies like consistently complimenting Waters to dodge her questions, but she did not allow it!

Essence reports as Mnuchin was speaking, Maxine cut him off by stating “I don’t want to take my time up with how great I am” in attempts to redirect the question. However when Mnuchin failed to cooperate, Waters then said that she was “reclaiming my time.”

Mnuchin’s consistent dodging ploy and Water’s rigid snub of his reactions lasted for a minute. Mnuchin went on to blame Waters for his failure to answer any of her questions because she was “interrupting him.”

Many media outlets have falsely devised this incident as a “meltdown” on Waters behalf; however, many viewers on social media outlets regarded her stern attitude with a different lens.

Regardless if “reclaiming my time” is seen as a snarky remark or not, one thing for sure is that the statement has inspired thousands of women to demand the respect and sentiments they deserve.

 – Contributed by Amaya Starkey

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