Michelle Obama Shares What Attracted Her To Barack

Contributed by Shawna Mizelle

Michelle and Barack Obama have been the ideal representation of Black love since they arrived on the scene. In an interview with ESSENCE, Michelle Obama shared why she was drawn to her now husband of 26 years and former United States president.

“From our very first conversations, he showed me that he wasn’t afraid to express his fears and doubts, or that he might not have all the answers,” Obama says in the December/January issue of ESSENCE. “Just as important, I saw who he was not only in the way he treated me but in the way he interacted with others outside of our relationship. He showed me that he respected women by the way he treated his mother, his sisters, and his grandmother.”

Michelle goes on to mention more qualities she initially noticed in Barack. She says, “These were all things I learned long before we were married. It was all on display when we dated: he was consistent, he was honest, he was respectful, and he was secure in himself and secure in us. He hasn’t been perfect, but those things have never wavered.”

With 26 years of marriage, a presidential run, and two beautiful children under their belt, the Obamas will always be OUR relationship goals.

You can read the entire exclusive interview with the former first lady in the latest issue of ESSENCE.

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