Michelle Williams And Chad Johnson Have Split

We are sad to report Michelle Williams and fiance Chad Johnson have decided to go their separate ways.

Williams broke the news on her Instagram story on Friday morning right after releasing her new single, “Fearless.” Williams is still in recovery for depression but is committed to putting her healing first.

“I still remain fearless,” she wrote. “I guess I still remain single! Things didn’t work out. The healing that needs to take place is a must! I don’t wanna destroy another relationship. Blessings to him, his family and ministry. #FEARLESS”

The couple’s reality show Chad Loves Michelle is still airing Saturdays on OWN.

The couple began dating in the summer of 2017 and announced their engagement in April. Shortly after, Williams announced she checked herself into a mental health facility to seek professional help for her depression. Williams has called off the engagement several times in the past but Johnson has been committed to stand by Williams’ side.

“When we met, both of us were in very similar places on a personal level,” says Johnson, who at the time had all but given up dating. “Michelle was coming off the heels of a really bad relationship, and I was just in a place of despair as well.” Johnson said in an interview shortly after announcing their engagement.

We hope for the very best for Michelle and Chad.


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