‘[Millennials] Are Not Lazy At All. They’re Actually Really, Really Hard-Working’

Most millennials, like myself, have graduated college and joined the workforce. Older generations have turned their noses up to them mistaking them as self-absorbed or arrogant.

TODAY teamed up with health and wellness site Greatist and surveyed nearly 4,000 millennials, aged 18-34.

“Millennials are a generation that is very much about owning and controlling their destiny in a way that other generations haven’t been,” said Derek Flanzraich, 29, Greatist founder and CEO.

Here’s what the study discovered about millennials and their attitudes toward work and success:

  • About 57 percent feel that they have a good work-life balance
  • Over 30 percent plan to own their own company one day
  • Roughly 75 percent agreed that finding a sense of purpose in their work is more important than salary
  • Over 60 percent said that social responsibility plays a significant role in choosing where to work
  • 87 percent don’t think they should be expected to answer emails on the weekend or at night.

Work culture is very important to millennials and employers are being urged to shift their workplace culture to adjust to the changing climate. We love flexible hours, innovation, are entrepreneurial and if we cannot find the culture we need to thrive at work, we will create it.

“They’re not lazy at all. They’re actually really, really hard-working,” said Ben Kirshner, CEO of Elite SEM, a digital marking company, a popular workplace for millennials.

“I think it’s the Gen X and the millennials that are going to shake things up and change the world for the better,” said Simon Sinek, author of the book “Leaders Eat Last.”



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