Niecy Nash And Courtney B. Vance Star In Upcoming Netflix Show ‘Uncorked’

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From Wyclef Jean, to Ava DuVernay, Netflix continues to create content that brings diversity to the forefront. Now, Niecy Nash, star of TV sitcom “Claws,” and Courtney B. Vance, will be a part of the Netflix show “Uncorked” which will portray the beauty of black fatherhood.

In collaboration with “Insecure” show runner Prentice Penny, Netflix will debut Penny’s “Uncorked” that highlights a family story that’ll debunk the stereotypes of absentee black fathers, according to Essence.

Essence also reported that Penny exclaims he wants the film to showcase the normal experiences and troubles that African American families may face, but are not so often represented onscreen.

“It’s rare that Black people get to tell a father-son story without the father’s absence serving as the catalyst for the story. That was never my experience,” said Penny in a statement.

Penny will loosely use his family history and own experiences as he directs from his on script.

According to Variety, the storyline will focus on a young man who is fueled by his love for wine and attempts to become a master sommelier all while dealing with his father’s dreams of him taking over the family barbecue business.

Penny believes this show will be important as it will reflect the art of humanity without defining one by color or trauma.

“I think it’s more important than ever that art reflects our humanity and who we are as regular people, rather than just being defined by the color of our skin or the trauma that has happened to us.”

Nash took to her social media to tweet about the latest role and how happy she is to work alongside Penny.



Along with stars Nash and Vance, basketball and football players have joined as producers for the show, from Tony Parker, to Michael Finley, to Drew Brees, and Derrick Brooks.

Production for Netflix collaboration with Prentice Penny’s “Uncorked” will begin filming this month in Memphis, Tennessee.


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