Police Now Say Venus Williams ‘Lawfully Entered’ Intersection In Fatal Car Crash

Police announced Friday Venus Williams is in fact NOT at fault in a deadly car crash resulting in the death of Jerome Barson. Palm Beach Garden police said that Williams “lawfully entered” the intersection when she was T-Boned by Barson and his wife, Linda. Barson died two weeks after the accident from internal injuries sustained during the crash.

Police initially claimed Williams was at fault but after surveying footage from the intersection, it was discovered she was cut off by a Nissan Ultima turning left. Williams was forced to stop to avoid hitting the Ultima, which caused her to stop in the intersection. The Barsons, who were going through their green light, ultimately t-boned Williams.

The Barson family filed a wrongful death suit against Williams. With the recent discovery of evidence, the case is still under investigation.


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