President Obama Presents Joe Biden with Presidential Medal of Freedom

Joe Biden presented with Presidential Medal of Freedom_AP Images

Break out the tissues! President Barack Obama is continuing to make historic moves even in his last few days in office. President Obama surprised Vice President Joe Biden Thursday at the White House and presented him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Obama presents Biden Presidential Medal of Freedom 3 _AP Images

Biden had absolutely no idea, as President Obama kept this ceremony a secret. Biden unsuspectingly made his way to the White House thinking he would be participating in a final toast but the joke was on him. When Biden arrived he was greeted by family and friends, the First Family, Obama staffers and press. Biden was honored for his lifetime career of service.

Obama presents Biden Presidential Medal of Freedom_AP Images

“Joe Biden is a resilient and loyal and humble servant, a patriot, and most importantly a family man,” President Obama said.


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