Tamera Mowry-Housely And Her Husband Mourn Niece In Thousand Oaks Mass Shooting


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Yesterday, tragedy struck Southern California as 12 people were killed and several more injured after a gunman let off shots at Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Among those at the bar during the time was “The Real” co-host Tamera Mowry-Housely‘s niece.

Tamera took to Twitter tweeting about her search for her missing niece after seeing a tweet from a suite mate early this morning.

According to USA Today, the suit mate responded to Mowry- Housley stating that she had been in contact with “Adam“, husband of Mowry and former Fox News correspondent, about the situation and that their niece, Alaina Housley, was “the only one” out of “a handful of girls who went to line dance tonight” who are unaccounted for.


While Mowry-Housley continued conversation with the suit mate about her niece’s whereabouts, her husband took to his Twitter page as well tweeting, “Please pray if you believe…. pray.”

A Los Angeles Times reporter also went to Twitter and shared that Housley visited the Los Robles Regional Medical Center in search for his niece.

The reporter, Andrea Castillo, stated that while at the medical center the guard wouldn’t let Housley enter saying it was on lockdown, in which Housley replied and said, “Alaina, a Pepperdine freshman, was at the bar with several friends. Her Apple Watch and iPhone still showed her location on the dance floor.”


USA Today also reported that Housley told the LA Times that he fears the worst.

“My gut is saying she’s inside the bar, dead,” he said. “I’m hoping I’m wrong.”

Along with the Housley’s tweeting and spreading word on their missing niece, twin Tia Mowry also tweeted about the breaking news.


Mowry also went on Instagram posting a photo of her, Alaina Housely, and Tamera with the caption, “Alaina Housely we are praying. We love u! If you know anything or any information please let us know. We love you! #borderline.”

Unfortunately, it is confirmed that Mowry and Housely’s niece was one of the victims of the mass shooting.

“Our hearts are broken,” the couple said in a joint statement. “We just learned that our niece Alaina was one of the victims of last night’s shooting at Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks. Alaina was an incredible young woman with so much life ahead of her and we are devastated that her life was cut short in this manner. We thank everyone for your prayers and ask for privacy at this time.”

Borderline Bar and Grill was hosting its weekly college night when the incident occurred. Former Marine Corps veteran turned terrorist, Ian Long, was the gunman responsible for the College Night Massacre and was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot after committing the mass murder.

This mass shooting is the second to occur in the last few weeks and the 307th mass shooting this year alone.
























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