Walmarts Are Better In White Neighborhoods, Study Says

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According to a study conducted by Andy Reich, a Columbia University Assistant Professor of Sociology, all Walmart stores are not created equally. Reich said he analyzed 35,000 Yelp reviews across 2,800 Walmart stores in the nation. The data was collected between 2004 and 2015.
“People used words like ‘unorganized’, ‘nasty’ and ‘worst’ to describe stores in communities of color much more than they used those words to describe Walmarts in Whiter communities,” Reich said.
Walmart release a statement to Business Insider saying Reich’s study was “flawed and without merit.” Walmart responded to the study and said, “We’ve invested $2.7 billion on associate education, training and wages. We’re also proud to provide to communities across the country, regardless of social or economic background, access to affordable goods and career opportunities to help them better provide for their families.”
Reich doesn’t believe the inequality is intentional. He says it come down to money and competition.

Please chime in and tell us, what has your experience been at Walmarts in different neighborhoods? Do you notice the stores are cleaner, have nicer merchandise, and customer service is better?


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