Your Personal Information Is Published On This Site; Here’s How To Remove It

Have you heard of the website If you haven’t, you need to make yourself VERY familiar with this website. Why? This website is a popular site that allows anyone to search your person information for FREE. All you have to do is enter a first and last name in the search engine and there you have it. Up pops a full name, current address, past addresses, phone numbers, employers, etc.

I learned of this site in particular from a Facebook post that went viral over the weekend. A friend shared the post on her page and I tested it out. I found the personal information of each family member and friend I searched, including mine. SCARY!

Immediately I searched the site to find how I could have my information removed and I’m sure you could use this information as well. So here goes…

See here for instructions on how to remove your personal information from this site.

See here to find out how got your personal information in the first place.

You would think, in a day and age where identity fraud is at an all-time high, personal information would not be so easily accessible. SHARE this post with friends and family to help get the word out.

*Disclaimer: is just one of the many websites that contain people’s personal information. Do your research, stay current on ever-changing online privacy laws and fight to keep your personal information secure. Good luck!


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