A Tale Of Two Arizona mothers. Is this Justice or Just US?????

A Tale of Two Mothers and the Power of Social Media in Support of One of Their Causes

We’re not making a judgement as much as we’re pointing out a perceived injustice.  The picture graphic below and the highlighted text underneath has been circulating around the internet and social media for the past few weeks.


The one with red hair on the right, Catalina Clouser decided to get high and drove for 12 miles with her 2 month old baby on the roof of her car. By the time she realized her baby wasn’t in the car, it was too late. The baby fell off and was found still in his car seat in the middle of busy freeway…fortunately unharmed…Clouser was just sentenced and got probation.    

Read Clouser’s story:  http://nydn.us/1m7ogNE

Meanwhile, the woman on the left, Shanesha Taylor was homeless and trying to get her life on better footing. She had a job interview and could not get anyone to watch her kids ages 2 yrs and 6 months, so she left them in the car for 45 minutes, with the windows open and went inside to do her job interview. This mom was arrested and charged with two felonies and her kids were taken away.

Read Taylor’s story: http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2014/03/shanesha-taylor-arizona-arrest

Here’s part of the continuing story….

shanesha4-233x300If the facts of this case and the mitigating circumstances prove true, then society failed Shanesha Taylor as much as she failed her children.

Does the state of Arizona bear some of the responsibility for the fact that Taylor is in such dire straits?  Especially since they further cut funding from welfare programs recently.  But, that’s a different story, considering we are talking about the state of Arizona.

To be clear, leaving an infant and a two-year-old in a car on an 80 degree day for any amount of time was unbelievably dangerous. Even though she left the door unlock, windows open, and the key in the ignition. It could have ended in an even worse tragedy.

A passerby discovered the children and called the police minutes before Shanesha returned to the car.  The children were uninjured. They are now with family, and under the supervision of the Division of Child and Family Services.

On the other hand, Clouser, the other mother was high on drugs at the time, also placed her child in potential harm. Arguably, it was far more harm than Taylor’s children endured. She got off with probation. The judge surmised it was just an immature mistake that she probably wouldn’t repeat.

As it stands now, Shanesha Taylor is still a homeless, jobless, Black mother who could lose custody of her children. She faces two felonies in an upcoming trial. And at the time of her arrest, she didn’t have any resources to hire a competent attorney to handle her case.

Here’s the other part. Social Media takes up the cause.


Amanda Bishop is a 24 year old white woman, who does not know or has never met Shanesha Taylor. But after hearing about her story, she felt the need to do something. She set up a page on YouCaring.com – an online fundraising site.

She explains why in her own words on the site:

There are some of us that feel that Shanesha was in an unfortunate situation that sadly an economy like ours is putting many single mother’s in a position to make terrible mistakes like this.

This fund raiser was set up in an effort to help Shanesha and her situation. Please understand that I am flooded with emails everyday from people asking questions and it is so hard to keep up with all of them.

I’m just a 24 year old girl struggling like Shanesha who set this up. I never expected it to blow up this big but I’m still oh so glad it did.

See more at: http://www.youcaring.com/help-a-neighbor/shanesha-taylor-fundraiser/153519#sthash.0sjD43G2.dpuf

At the time of the post, she set a goal of $9,000. Amanda didn’t know how much a lawyer would cost, and she had no idea what it would take to put on a defense. Many of you reading this post know that $9,000 would barely cover the retainer of a good defense attorney.

But with the power of social media and people empathizing about the injustice and hardship that Shanesha is facing, her page has raised over $113, 763 as of this posting.

Amanda is real, she has since been interviewed and has appeared on different news programs to explain her story.  She has even invited people to follow her story with all of this on her Facebook page.   https://www.facebook.com/MissManders

The story continues…..

In weeks since Shanesha Taylor’s release on bail and with online petitions totaling over 12,000 signatures, asking the the County Attorney to drop the charges….Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said he will move forward with the felony charges.

We will stay on top of all future developments.

Should the charges against Shanesha Taylor be dropped?

Do you think racial bias will be an important factor in Shanesha Taylor getting a fair trial?

Let us know what you think.


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