Accused Florida School Shooter Makes Court Appearance, NRA Pulls Tweet After Florida School Shooting

Accused Florida School Shooter Makes Court Appearance

The suspect in the deadly south Florida school shooting will be held without bond. Nineteen year old Nikolas Cruz had a brief court appearance today and Judge Kim Theresa Mollica noted that the charges against him are very serious. Cruz is charged with numerous counts of premeditated murder. The high school shooting massacre claimed 17 lives and left more than a dozen others injured. Cruz wore an orange jumpsuit and kept his head down during most of the court session.

Obama Repeats Call For “Common Sense Gun Safety Laws”

After yesterday’s deadly mass shooting in Florida, former President Obama is repeating a longstanding call for “common sense gun safety laws.” Obama tweeted that changes in U.S. gun laws are long overdue. He said the nation grieves for Parkland, Florida and argued that the U.S. is not powerless. The high school massacre claimed 17 lives and injured more than a dozen others.

NRA Pulls Tweet After Florida School Shooting

The National Rifle Association has yet to comment after the country’s latest school shooting, but it has pulled a retweet that it earlier sent out for Valentine’s Day. Various media outlets report the NRA deleted the retweet last night, hours after the shooting at a Florida school that killed 17. The message featured an image of two handguns on a heart-shaped box with the message “Give your significant other something they’ll appreciate this Valentine’s Day.” A spokesman for the NRA told CNN that the tweet’s poster was unaware of the massacre.

MD Gov Supports Lockbox To Keep Casino Revenue For Education

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan is proposing the creation of a lockbox for casino revenue to enhance school funding above the amount set by state formulas. The governor’s plan would change state law in the form of a statute. Last month, Democrats proposed a similar plan that would change the state constitution, putting the question on the November ballot for voters. The governor’s plan needs a simple majority in the House and Senate and does not require voter approval. A constitutional amendment requires votes of three-fifths in both chambers.

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